Send It Home Exhibition

Espace Rhizome, South Korea, 2018

In my Send It Home exhibition, I showcased the emotional experiences of living as an ex-pat in Masan, South Korea. Through a collection of sense documentations, I explored complex emotions such as longing, nostalgia, loneliness, being lost, and emotional reunification. These sense documentations included the paintings series Painted Mantras, a site-specific installation called Send It Home, and the collaborative film, 3.15/3.21: The Memories of Objects - all work I created during the 10-month International Artist Residency at Espace Rhizome in Masan in South Korea. 

The exhibition utilized a visual vocabulary of various forms and shapes to create mnemonic devices that archived the feelings connected to memories of home in South Africa. The grid, present in the artworks, signified the study of emotion and acted as a measuring tool in the connection of memory to emotion. 

The installation Send It Home also featured glass containers, which represented the fusion of South Korea and South Africa within me as collecting and curating them reminded me of the resourcefulness my mother and her mothers instilled in me. The Maemi and wasps in this installation symbolized growth, inner noise, coexistence, and codependency. While the mold on the walls of the basement I used as the site for Send It Home, further represented the push and pull between geometric and organic, study and feeling, gain and loss, community and loneliness, life and death, and forgetting and remembering. The exhibition posed the question of whether emotions could be successfully archived or if they changed as the person did, which I continued to study.

에스빠스 리좀