Welcome to my

creativity doula space

Here is where I help you unlock your creative potential.

Most people walk around daily, completely denying the fact that they are creating their own lives. We are all creative beings. Taking responsibility for the life you are creating for yourself requires claiming your creative power.

Whether you're a busy parent, an art student, a writer, or anyone aiming to embrace a creative lifestyle, I'll explore your current position in the Cycle of Creativity (the natural ebb and flow of beginnings and endings in our lives) with you and help you take your next steps.

So come and release your creative fire with me!

If you are curious about these sessions feel free to contact me for a free 15min discovery call.



Finding the Creative Spark

If you've always felt drawn to trying something creative, whether it's baking, painting, starting a business, or making games for your kids, I can assist you in igniting and nurturing that creative spark.

Scheduling a session with me is often the initial step in permitting yourself to explore your desires. And by calling yourself a creator, you embrace the audacity to express.

Alternatively, you may already be an established creative seeking to rejuvenate your practice. I provide a reflective perspective, serve as an accountability partner, and act as a muse to help you discover fresh inspiration for the next stage of your journey.

Mapping the Creative Cycle

In my coaching sessions, I use the Creative Cycle analogy to design a personalized journey that suits your unique needs, challenges, skills, and talents. This journey comprises three distinct stages, each corresponding to a specific offering:

  • Catalyst Drop-in Session: Igniting the creative spark.

  • Execution Container (3-Sessions Creative Unblocking): Expressing and acknowledging your creativity.

  • Creative Power Container (7-16 week Immersion): Grounding your creativity in a consistent and sustainable practice.

(You may be at different stages in different parts of your life or work)

Throughout these containers, I utilize various practical and reflective exercises tailored to your specific creative block. Together, we create immersive spaces where we can address and shift those blocks, allowing your creativity to flow freely.

Catalyst Drop-in Session: Birthing the Spark 

If you're currently in the Catalyst stage, it means the creative spark hasn't fully surfaced yet. You might be experiencing various challenges, such as ignoring your creative impulses, having too many ideas without committing to any, constantly preparing but never starting, considering yourself creative but not sharing it with others, or feeling energetic but lacking focus. If you're feeling overwhelmed by these issues, simply schedule a drop-in session with me. Often one session is enough to kick-start a whole process.

  • 2 hours, 1-on-1

  • Online or in person at my studio

  • This introductory session intends to catalyze whatever creative process you want to start or have been putting off  

Execution Container: Putting Things Out There

In this stage, we confront the obstacles preventing your ideas from materializing. These obstacles may manifest as fear related to finances, time, or resources. You might also feel misunderstood, depressed, hopeless, drained, or stuck behind an insurmountable barrier. We tackle these challenges directly, addressing both emotional and practical aspects, to help you gain the confidence needed to share your ideas, dreams, or art with the world. And then, with me next to you, you plunge into the world allowing yourself to be seen!

  • 2x 1-1 sessions in person or online

  • 1x homework self-practice (in between 1-1 sessions)

  • Sessions spread over max a month

  • This 3-week container intends to shed light on what might be standing in your way of fully expressing your creativity

Creative Power Container: Becoming Unstoppable 

With newfound awareness of our shadows, we tap into our inner strength and knowledge, making our loftier aspirations achievable. During the Creative POWER stage, our attention shifts to broadening and realizing your vision, establishing practical foundations, and securing success for a sustainable, comprehensive life practice.

Alternatively, this phase can serve as an intensive "birthing" process, where I provide accountability and coaching to bring a project to fruition over the agreed time. Together, we navigate the entire Creative Cycle, from the inception of the idea, through its development, expression, and eventual integration (this is a great container for when you have, for example, written a book but just have not published it or is in the process of creating a series of work and feel like you are losing momentum to reach your desired deadline).

  • 4x 1-1 sessions in person or online

  • 3x homework self-practice in between 1-1 sessions

  • Sessions spread over max 4 months

  • In this immersion container, we will muse on how to build a personal practice that is emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially sustainable